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        Deflection elements and accessories

        Discover our innovative solutions for efficient temperature regulation of cores and mould inserts. We also have a wide range of deflection elements, fittings and sealing plugs with and without thread for you in our range. Different variations and materials ensure reliable sealing for different applications and temperatures.

        Core cooling

        Correct and efficient core cooling is crucial to the quality of the part and the cycle times. We offer various standardised components for this purpose.

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        We have baffles in brass, stainless steel and plastic up to a length of 600mm in our range. The width is available from 6 to 28 mm.?

        • E 2100?Threaded flat baffle with sealant
        • E 2101 Threaded flat baffle
        • E 21019 Baffle from stainless steel, with tapered thread
        • E 2102?Threaded spiral baffle with sealant
        • E 2103?Threaded spiral baffle
        • E 2107?Deflection unit from plastic with O-ring seal
        • E 2108?Tapped baffle with o-ring seals
        • E 2109?Deflection baffle from plastic with O-ring seals

        In our range you will find fountains from brass or stainless steel in various styles from ?1.3 to ?12 mm and in lengths up to 450 mm.

        • E 2110?Series-flow fountain
        • E 2112 Parallel-flow fountain
        • E 2118 Parallel-flow fountain (mat.: CuZn)
        • E 21192 Fountain with thread
        • E 21194?Fountain with thread and hexagon nipple
        • E 21196?Fountain with thread and hexagon socket
        Spiral cores

        Spiral cores are available from PA6.6 GF30, ?12 to ?50 mm and in lengths up to 250 mm as single or double version.

        • E 2120 Spiral core, single threaded
        • E 2122 Spiral core, double threaded


        Web shop

        with thread

        Discover our diverse range of screw plugs - conical, cylindrical or with collar. Available for cleanroom technology and higher temperatures are our screws from stainless steel. The knurled threads are designed for good grip of the sealing band. Our screw plugs are available from stock with metric or inch threads.

        • E 2074 Screw plug with hexagon socket
        • E 2074 D?Screw plug, tapered with sealant
        • E 20749 Screw plug tapered from stainless steel
        • E 2075 Screw plug, cylindrical
        • E 2080 Screw plug, cylindrical, without sealant
        • E 20809?Screw plug, cylindrical, from stainless steel
        • E 2076?Screw plug with collar and copper sealing washer
        • E 20767 Steel screw plug with collar and copper washer
        • E 7140?Screw plug with collar, from steel
        without thread

        Alongside our screw plugs, we also offer sealing plugs (without thread). Here you can choose from different styles and also find the right tools for installation.

        • E 2071 Expander sealing plug
        • E 20719 Expander sealing plug from stainless steel
        • E 2072 Copper blank
        • E 20725 Copper sealing plug
        • E 2073 Punch for copper blank
        • E 2077 Mounting rod for sealing plug
        • E 20775 Pliers set with E 2078 sealing plugs
        • E 2078 Sealing plug
        • E 2079?Plug with O-ring seal


        E 2130 O-ring seal

        Our FKM (Viton?) O-ring seals are ideally suited to a number of applications and are available in 160 different dimensions. These O-ring seals can be used with water up to 100°C and oil up to 180°C.

        E 2130

        E 21311 High temperature O-ring seal

        The high performance material FKM plus was developed especially for applications with hot water. The usual FKM materials harden quickly at water temperatures above around 100°C and lose their elasticity and therefore their sealing capability.?FKM plus sets itself apart with its high resistance to hot water and vapour and ensures safe operation in production.?Suitable for water and oil up to 180°C (peak 200°C).

        E 21311

        Deflection elements and accessories

        Discover our innovative deflection elements, threaded fittings and adapters, attractive labelling and many more accessories for clever and efficient temperature regulation of your injection moulds.

        Web shop

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