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        Meusburger - Setting Standards


        More than 22,500 customers all over the world make use of the numerous advantages of standardization and benefit from the company's over 55 years of experience in working with steel. Offering an extensive range of standard parts combined with high-grade products for workshop equipment, Meusburger is the reliable global partner for making dies, molds, jigs and fixtures.

        Consistent high quality

        based on strict quality guidelines

        Reduced plate warping during machining

        through high-quality steel heat-treated for stress relief

        Outstanding service

        through easy ordering and competence at all levels

        Continuous availability

        of the products due to the industry's largest warehouse for standard parts

        Short lead times

        through optimized processes and excellent logistics networks

        Newest productsNewest products


        Expansion of plate thicknesses

        Published on: 30.04.2020

        Expansion of plate thicknesses

        In the recent product update, we were able to expand our range of plates and bars to more than 1,300 thicknesses. In addition to numerous expansions, over 300 thicknesses were introduced for the first time for the material grades 1.1730, 1.2085 and 1.2312.

        Fully stocked warehouse thanks to in-house production

        Published on: 26.03.2020

        Fully stocked warehouse thanks to in-house production

        Especially now, it is particularly important to have a reliable partner at your side that you can count on. A full raw material warehouse, the largest central standard parts warehouse and also a high degree of in-house production ensures that we can continue to supply you with all the products you need.

        Our opening hours over Easter

        Published on: 19.03.2020

        Our opening hours over Easter

        Easter is just around the corner and in Austria the children are excited about searching for colourful Easter eggs hidden inside and outside. As not only the traditions but also the public holidays can be different depending on the country and region, we would like to keep you informed of our opening days over this period.

        To the news overview

        Trade Fairs & Events

        Trade fairs


        Hall 6,  Stand B4,  Ulm, Germany



        Pforzheim, Germany


        Die and Mould India

        Mumbai, India

        Die and Mould India


        Hall 4,  Stand B030,  Utrecht, Netherlands



        Hall 1,  Stand C5/C6,  Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany




        In addition, our user meetings entitled 'Product Knowledge' offer the ideal platform for the exchange of specialised knowledge and information on a variety of specialist subjects. From our neatly arranged calendar of events, you can see at a glance when we'll be near you again.
        We are looking forward to welcoming you there!


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